Mistake sends Amanda into a spin on Donington debut

RACING driver Amanda Black competed in round seven of the Caterham graduate classic championship at Donington Park, Derbyshire.

After her last outing at Brands Hatch, when she achieved her first pole position, Amanda was optimistic about her chances of doing well.

Somehow the weather stayed dry for the morning practice sessions and qualifying. Amanda had not driven the Donington grand prix circuit before and was thankful for the dry weather to enable her to learn the circuit.

Amanda qualified in fourth position, just behind reigning four times classic champion Graham Smith. This was her second best qualifying of the year.

Amanda had her best start of the season, but unfortunately was blocked and edged onto the grass by current championship leader John Parker.

This allowed Rowan Williams and Paul Hawker through, and Amanda was down to sixth by the end of the first corner.

The top seven drivers broke away from the rest of the pack and continued to battle for the lead.

Amanda’s position yo-yoed throughout the race, and she was battling for a long time for third against Graham Smith.

Three laps from the end, Amanda was following Paul Hawker into Goodards, who outbraked himself and ran wide.

Amanda went for the inside line but because of the camber, she drifted into the side of Paul, which knocked her rear arch off the car.

Both cars continued running, and Amanda was down to sixth place.

During the next lap Amanda worked hard to try and catch the lead pack again, but a mistake into Goodards again caused Amanda to spin and lose another place.

Amanda finished seventh, completing her fastest lap on the last lap.