Last-gasp Moakes wins with Carp as Taylor triumphs on feeder

Anyone could have won last week’s Tuesday open at Southview Skegness.

However, Terry Moakes of Southview/Pure Pellet won the match in the last twenty minutes. Landing three carp, one of five pound, on maggot, Moakes weighed in with 20lb 6oz to win.

Second place went to Jim Whitmore, also of Southview/Pure Pellet, off peg 18 with a mixed net on maggot.

At the following Southview Open on Saturday, Dave Taylor was the clear winner.

It was a low turn out, maybe due to the weather forecast and overnight cold rain. However, for those who braved the cold, it was a match of two halves – one in the shade, the other in the sun and the lake fished better on the east side, which had the sun.

Dave Taylor of Alford made the best of his draw from peg 24, a good winter peg. Fishing on pole and feeder, Taylor picked carp up to 6lb which made his net swell to take top-spot with 50lb,

Results - November 13 - 1, Terry Moakes, Southview/Pure Pellet. 20lb 6oz, peg 24; 2, Jim Whitmore, Southview/Pure Pellet, 18lb 15oz, peg 18; 3, Les Todd, Wainfleet, 17lb 4oz, peg 22; 4, Paul O’Carroll, Southview/Pure Pellet, 16lb 7oz, peg 17; 5, Joe McCormack, Southview/Pure Pellet, 16lb, peg 11; 6, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 15lb 13oz, peg 12.

November 17 - 1, Dave Taylor, Alford, 50lb, peg 24; 2, Matt Eveison, Alford, 35lb 3oz, peg 23; 3, Joe McCormack, Southview/Pure Pellet, 31lb, 4oz, peg 10; 4, Terry Moakes, Southview/Pure Pellet, 28lb 10oz, peg 12; 5, Brian Bagley, Southview/Pure Pellet, 27lb 6oz, peg 16; 6, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 25lb 7oz, peg 4.