John has Gooden at Southview while Taylor triumphs on debut

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IN the Southview Skegness Open on Tuesday, October 30, John Gooden of Mill Don Baits took top prize.

Fishing on maggot at 14m off peg 12 on the point, he had a mixed net of small carp, roach and crueys for 27lb 14oz.

Fishing was very hard and most anglers on this well turned out match were struggling for a bite but with a cool wind making fishing poor.

However, maggot was the bait of the day, with Les Todd of Wainfleet landing five carp for second place with 15lb 11oz.

Meanwhile, at the open on Saturday, November 3, Dave Taylor of Alford won on his debut match at Southview to come out on top.

Dave started to fish pole at 13m without much luck, the driving cold rain didn’t help much; then Dave went on the feeder at 60 yards and pulled a few small carp in on pellet to just hold off second-placed Joe Mcormack with 22lb 5oz.

Resu1ts - October 30 - 1, John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 27lb 14oz, peg 12; 2, Les Todd, Wainfleet, 15lb 11oz, peg 4; 3,Terry Moakes, Southview/Pure Pellet, 13lb 10oz, peg 21; 4, Steve Clarke, Leeds, 13lb 4oz, peg 9; 5, Paul O’Carrol Southview/Pure Pellet, 13lb 1oz, peg 8; 6, Joe McCormack Southview/Pure Pellet, 13lb 1oz, peg 11; 7, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 12lb 10oz, peg 25.

November 3 - 1, Dave Taylor, Alford, 22lb 5oz, peg 3; 2, Joe McCormack, Southview/Pure Pellet, 20lb, peg 12; 3, John Gooden, Mill don baites, 19lb, 1oz, peg 23; 4, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 18lb 10oz, peg 24; 5, Bill Jackson, Notts, 16lb 4oz, peg 10.