Gooden a clear winner in open

A WELL-ATTENDED match at the midweek Southview Skegness open saw John Gooden of Mill Don Baits win in style on Tuesday, July 17.

John started close in on maggot, getting small fish which after two hours, John could see might not be good enough to win.

Gooden then switched to pellet waggler up in the water and was soon into carp around the 4lb mark to put on the scales a hefty 30lb of carp and 20lb 12oz of bits for a clear win, with 50lb 12oz.

The weather was mild but windy and heavy overnight rain slowed sport down.

Meanwhile, the fishing in the open on Saturday, July 21 was tough going, on a hot lake full of overnight rain.

However, fishing on maggot at 10m John Gooden took top spot with a mixed net of Carp, Crueys, Roach and Tench for 38lb 1oz. Terry Moakes of Southview had a late run of carp up in the water to clinch second with 33lb 6oz.

Results - Tuesday, July 17 - 1, John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 50lb 12oz, peg 12; 2, Paul O,Carroll, Chapel, 28lb, peg 5; 3, Graham Warren, Southview, 26lb 1oz, peg 18; 4, Joe McCormack, Southview, 19lb, peg 14; 5, Jim Whitmore, Wainfleet, 18lb 11oz, peg 25: 6, Derek Chapman, Southview, 18lb 2oz, peg 24; 7, Ken Twigg, Mill Lakes, 17lb 13oz, peg 21; 8, Pete Warren, Middy, 16lb 9oz, peg 11; 9, Wyane O’Beirne, Leicester, 14lb 5oz, peg 17; 10, Ivon Cook, Harrisons, 13lb 5oz, peg 9; 11, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 13lb 4oz, peg 19; 12, Terry Moakes, Southview, 13lb, peg 3; 13, Dave Watson, York, 12lb 2oz, peg 6.

Saturday, July 21 - 1, John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 38lb 1oz, peg 4; 2, Terry Moakes, Southview, 33lb 6oz, peg 24; 3, Ian Boden, Southview, 23lb 15oz, peg 25; 4, Joe McCormack, Southview, 21lb 12oz, peg 11; 5, Tony King, Nottingham, 20lb 15oz, peg 9; 6, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 19lb 10oz, peg 26.