Four points for Squares

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Skegness Domino League


Division One: Ex-Service Squares 4 Seaview Lads 5, Railroad XL 4 Ex-Service W 5, Seaview Nil 7 Ex-Service Hotspots 2, WMC Sambucas 4 Railroad Rangers 5.

Division Two: Bell Ringers 4 New Park Club 5, Ex-Service Shufflers 4 Charnwood Tavern 5, Highwayman 7 Stumblers 2, Liberal B 4 Finnigans 5, New Park Club 2 Ex-Service 5A3 7, Railroad Robbers 6 Bell Ringers 3.

Monday’s 3-0 Table Winners: K. Durham (Ex-Service 5A3), Elizabeth Hacker (Highwayman), Lance Hacker (Highwayman), M. Manley (Ex-Service 5A3), R. Morley (Seaview Nil), G. Smith (Seaview Nil).

3-0 Leaderboard: 5 - Carl Davies (White Harts), 4 - Ann Bradshaw (White Harts), Susan Clarke (White Harts), Brian Coggill (Ex-Service W), Jane Durkin (Ex-Service Shufflers), Harry Goy (Seaview Lads), R. Morley (Seaview Nil), Grant Pollard (Liberal B), G. Smith (Seaview Nil), Tony Warry (Seaview Lads), Mick Whitehead (Ex-Service W).