Reserves are setting pace at top

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

East Lincs

Combination League

Marshchapel Reserves 0

Skegness United

Development 3

Skegness United’s Development squad travelled to a windy Grainthorpe to face basement side Marshchapel Reserves.

The young United squad have been on top form lately with a string of impressive results which have seen them go into the match today looking to maintain their strong run.

As expected, Marshchapel proved to be no match for the United side.

Goals from Richie Hayes, Dom Murray-Parris and Thom Pickett kept United at the top of the league.

There will be some tests to come up when they play the other two sides battling for the top spot, but for the moment United are the team to catch.

UNITED: Ashwell, Briggs, Brookes, Davis, Hayes, Kilner, Leatherland, Murray-Parris, Pickett, Walker, Wolstenholme; Sub: Read.