Racing trio take their place with the greats

A GROUP of motoring enthusiasts have earned their place alongside the racing greats after winning an unusual national motorsport competition.

Former engineers at Rose Bearings, Skegness, Barry Lowis, Dave Frier and Trevor Allanby won their class in the British Lawn mower Racing Association’s annual competition on Sunday.

Their names have now been engraved on the cup alongside racing legend Stirling Moss, who has also won the competition since its beginnings in 1972.

After his victory Barry said: “It was nice to take part in something that was a little bit crazy and eccentric and to win it was a pleasant surprise.

“Sitting on the lawn mower for all that time does play havoc with your body though and you get absolutely shaken to bits.”

To take the coveted title above their fellow racers, the three friends had to spend 12 hours racing around a one mile circuit from 7pm on Saturday evening through to 7am the following morning.

Race rules state that although you may modify the gears and chassis you are not allowed to change the engine or wheel size.

By the end of the race, which was held at Billingham in West Sussex, the trio had covered more than 300 miles at an average speed of approximately 40mph.

Despite feeling the strain of the race on themselves, their expertly engineered lawn mower was still running perfectly smoothly right up until the end.

The champions are now looking to retire from the field of lawn mower racing having enjoyed their brief yet successful careers.

Barry has said he is looking for a new eccentric pastime to pursue and is considering buying a microlight.