Gr-eight showing from dominant Burgh

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Burgh United 8, Holbeach Bank 0

BURGH started lively and attacked straight from kick-off.

This pressure paid off early when Luke Wallace Bowes was there to slot in the first from close range.

He then followed that with a second minutes later, and it was not long before he completed a superb hat-trick.

After that Carl Jupp and Will Britton both scored powerful efforts making it 5-0 at half-time.

The second-half began a lot slower until manager Richard Dennis brought on subs Ryan Madley-Metcalf and Curtis Kennedy, who injected some life back into the game, with Ryan superbly chasing down for Jamie Epton to strike home from the edge of the area.

Will Britton added another before Calum Pearce finished the rout with a bobbling finish following a deflection off the keeper in the six-yard box.

Burgh United - Elliott Clark, Garry Coggan, Calum Pearce, Tom Bone, Dan Bartle, Luke Wallace Bowes, Mitch Tipper, Jamie Epton, Calvin Drew, Carl Jupp, Will Britton. Subs - Ryan Madley-Metcalf and Curtis Kennedy.