Flounders and Whiting in abundance at Chapel

Fish were in abundance for the last two Chapel Beach Angling Club matches.

The first of these matches was held on the evening of Saturday, November 17 at Moggs Eye.

It was a clear mild night with a clear sky and calm sea for the first match, which had a good turn out of anglers.

The winner was Robbo, with a 7lb one-and-three-quarter oz mixed bag.

In second place was Phil Aston with a 6lb six-and-three-quarter oz mixed bag and in third place was Rick Jarvis with a 5lb 10-and-three-quarter oz mixed bag.

Barry Staniland took the prize money for the biggest round fish and the prize money for the biggest flat fish was split four ways, between Alan Jarvis, Barry Staniland, Robbo and Paul Kennedy.

The second match was held on Saturday, December 1, at Jacksons Corner, between 5pm and 9pm.

It was a cold crisp night, with a clear sky and the sea was rough in places where it was hitting the sandbanks.

Again, there was a good turnout for the match and everyone bagged up with mixed bags all round.

The overall winner was Danny Smith, whose bag weighed in at 6lb 10-and-a-half oz.

Danny also took the prize money for the biggest flat fish and shared the prize money for the biggest round fish with second place winner Robbo, who had a bag weight of 6lb 2oz. In third place came Rick Jarvis, who had a bag weight of 5lb three-and-a-half oz.

If you require any information regarding the club contact Michelle on chapelbeachanglingclub@hotmail.co.uk.

l A nice turn out on a rough day with strong winds, saw Joe McCormack of Southview/Pure Pellet get out his drennan wagglers; fishing between 40 and 60 yards.

Joe had a succesful days fishing, catching carp to 4lb, using pure pellets new pellet, due to be on the market soon.

The test trials are looking good, with Joe putting 58lb 3oz on the scales using the rod and line.

Results - Tuesday November 27 - 1, Joe McCormack, Southview/Pure Pellet, 58lb 3oz, peg 23; 2, Jim Whitmore, Southview/Pure Pellet, 29lb 14oz, peg 25; 3, Ken Twigg, Mill Lakes, 29lb 3oz, peg 24; 4, Terry Moakes, Southview/Pure Pellet, 26lb, peg 21; 5, Paul O’Carrol, Southview/Pure Pellet, 25lb 8oz, peg 26; 6, Les Todd, Wainfleet, 25lb 2oz, peg 22; 7, Bob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 24lb 4oz, peg 30.