Down to the final four

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Skegness Domino League


Division Two: Ex-Service Shufflers 5 Stumblers 4.

Singles Knockout, round one: Gary Cooper beat P. Smith, Phil Talboys beat Ann Smith, B. Coggill beat Terry Doane, E. Huckle beat Jo Hately, J. Overton beat Linda Betts, P. Jones beat Gillian Herrington, J. Burkitt beat Maria Whitehead, L. Parker beat A. Burkitt; byes - D. Patten, Graham Polson, Bruno Boettger, S. Godber, Kevin Brady, Julie Sykes.

Round two: Gary Cooper beat Phil Talboys, D. Patten beat B. Coggill, J. Overton beat E. Huckle; P. Jones beat Graham Polson; J. Burkitt beat Bruno Boettger, Kevin Brady beat S. Godber, L. Parker beat Julie Sykes, T. Elmer.

Round three: Gary Cooper beat D. Patten, J. Overton beat P. Jones, J. Burkitt beat T. Elmer, L. Parker beat Kevin Brady.


Semi-finals: J. Burkitt v Gary Cooper, L. Parker v J. Overton.

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