Dominoes drive and knockout succcesses

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

The Skegness Domino League’s Christmas Pairs Knockout was won by P. Fisher and T. Godrich.

They beat E. Ranson and B. Carson in the final.

The pairings of D. Buck with D.A. Marvel and B. Boettger with P. Talboys were the beaten semi-finalists.

The Christmas Pairs Drive was won by P. Leonard and J. Stubley, with P. Smith and A. Burkitt the runners-up.

Drive top five: 1 P. Leonard & J Stubley (W6, L2, 13 blocks); 2 P. Smith & A. Burkitt (6, 2, 12); 3 L. Betts & J. Hately (6, 2, 6); 4 L. Parker & B. Humphries 6, 2, 0; 5 A. Smith & J. Price, 6, 2, 1.