Cowboys get close to title

The Ex Service Cowboys got one glove on the Skegness Crib League trophy as they scuttled Shipwrecks 5-4.

R Bell and M George 3-0 winners and J and K Sinar 3-0 losers, all from The Ship.

Seathorne Arms maintained second spot as they drove a furrow through New Park 7-2 with a 3-0 win for S and D Fowell, 3-0 defeats for E Bell and K Baldwin and K Bates and K Horrigan of New Park. A 24 hand for N Bradbury and D Fowell of Seathorne Arms.

Ex Service Newbies with WMC oldie L Doolan on board swept past WMC 6-3, 3-0 defeats for B Storey and S Henry of WMC and a 24 hand L Doolan.

Results - April 25 - Shipwrecks 4 Ex Service Cowboys 5; New Park A 2 Seathorne Arms 7; Ex Service Newbies 6 WMC 3.