Club members make the grade for their presentation night

COBRA CLUB: Members are pictured at their presentation night.
COBRA CLUB: Members are pictured at their presentation night.

The Cobra Ju-Jitsu Club in Skegness have held their presentation night.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness, Coun George Saxon and his wife Julie 
presented the awards to the students.

The parents were entertained by the juniors with break falls shown in a Mexican wave, followed by ground moves and a fight sequence from start to the finish.

A Ju-jitsu ground move with counters moves to the hold were shown by the seniors, along with the a two-man fighting Kata.

Best attendance went to Tony Walsh, Adam Hill, Rianna Hall, Thomas Hall, Lenny Mastin, Ashton Revill and Mason Scarlett.

Highest award of the night went to Steve Grover who gained his Senior Brown and White Belt 1st Kyu.

Other awards:

Orange Belt 7th Kyu: Emma Morely, Sophie Lewis and Lee Rawlin

Green Belt 6th Kyu: Jordan Todd

Blue Belt 5th Kyu: Jack Rawlin and Daniel Todd

Purple Belt 4th Kyu: Chad Birch and Jason Birch (Black Tag)

Belt Badge White grade 7: Thomas Hall

Karate Badge Red grade 7: Connor Annbal and Thomas Hall

White belt 2 Black Tags: Meda Bublyte, Tony Walsh and Henry Howis

Red Belt 1 Yellow Tag: Mason Scarlett, Lenny Mastin, James Duffield and Andrew Jackson

Red Belt 2 Yellow Tags: Rianna Hall and Elliot Coldwell

Yellow Belt 8th Kyu: Leah Revill, Sarah Bradbrook and Jacob Coxford-Hawkins

Cobra Joining Certificate: Andrew Jackson

The club meet on a Friday in studio 2 of the Lisa Jay Stage Institute.

New term starts on January 9: juniors 6.30-7.30pm, seniors 7.45-9.45pm.

Ground fighting: Mondays 6-7pm

For more information call sensei Nick Preston on 07923366210.