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Skegness Bridge Club

Results from September 26: N/S winners - Mrs G. Holdsworth & Mr P. Newmark; E/W winners - Mrs M. Brackley & Mr M. Brackley.

Results from September 28: N/S winners - Mrs O. Hutson & Mrs M. Saunders; E/W winners - Mr J. Aldridge & Mr J. Dobson.

Results from October 3: N/S winners - Mrs J. Canning & Mr G. Canning; E/W winners - Mrs N. Samuels & Mr P. Samuels.

Results from October 5: N/S winners - Mrs J. Rasmussen & Mrs P. Bee and Mr & Mrs P. Samuels; E/W winners - Mrs O. Hutson & Mrs M. Saunders.

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