Boden’s in a different class

WHILE most of the anglers struggled at the latest Southview Skegness open match, Ian Boden, of Skegness, seemed to be fishing in a different lake!

Fishing and four and six metres, alternating between paste and pellet, he took small carp to claim top spot with a weight of 61lb 14oz.

He was well clear of John Gooden, of Mill Don Baits, in second place with a total weight of 25lb 4oz.

Results: 1 Ian Boden, Skegness, 61lb 14oz, 2 John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 25lb 4oz, 3 Joe McCormack, Southview, 24lb 6oz, 4 Derek Chapman, Southview, 20lb 7oz, 5 Darren Boden, Skegness, 19lb 1oz, 6 Graham Warren, Southview, 15lb 11oz, 7 Kevin Bar, Skegness, 14lb 10oz, 8 Rob Anderson, Kings Lynn, 13lb 12oz, Dean Webb, Burgh, 13lb 7oz, 10 Terry Moakes, Southview, 12lb 11oz.