Black belts for Skegness juniors

Some of the successful black belts.
Some of the successful black belts.

BLACK belt gradings were held recently at the Skegness Freestyle Kickboxing Gym.

Seven Juniors from the club took their black belt grading.

Thomas Day, Brendan O’Connor, Jordie Thompson, Devon Ainscow, India Plaice, Kingsley Chung and Bailey Simpson were all successful in completing the three-hour grading.

They performed all techniques from the syllabus in front of the black belt grading panel headed by chief instructor, Third dan black belt, Ross Flay.

The group completed a fitness test, demonstrated self defence techniques and did sparring in order to complete the grading.

Chief instructor Ross Flay, said: “It has been a pleasure working with these kids and they have all prepared well for this grading and all deserve their black belts. It’s a great achievement for anyone to get a black belt, especially when they are all juniors.”

A presentation was held at the gym where the students were presented with their black belts, licence books and certificates.

Anyone interested in becoming a back belt or learning Kickboxing should contact Skegness Freestyle Kickboxing on 07929 314 729.