Bell Ringers chime and fend off the Robbers

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Skegness Domino League


Division One: Bell Ringers 5 Railroad Robbers 4, Ex-Service Hotspots 8 Seaview Lads 1, Ex-Service W 5 Ex-Service Squares 4, Railroad Rangers 5 Pot Bellies 4.

Division Two: Ex-Service Newbies 3 Liberal B 6, Finnigans 4 Ex-Service Shufflers 5, Garden City 3 Highway Dominators 6, WMC Sambucas 5 Railroad Xl 4.

The 3-0 table winners: Kevin Brady (Ex-Service Hotspots), T. Elmer (Railroad Rangers), P. Jones (Railroad Rangers), Melina Moore (Ex-Service Hotspots), Rob Moore (Ex-Service Hotspots), J. Overton (Railroad Robbers), D. Patten (Railroad Robbers), Hayley Reeson (Liberal B), Matt Reeson (Liberal B), Julie Sykes (Highway Dominators), Phil Talboys (Ex-Service Hotspots), Maria Whitehead (Highway Dominators).

The 3-0 leaderboard: 5 - B. Harpham (Railroad Rangers), L. Parker (Railroad Rangers); 4 - M. Bradshaw (Pot Bellies), Kevin Brady (Ex-Service Hotspots), A. Burkitt (Railroad Rangers), Melina Moore (Ex-Service Hotspots), Rob Moore (Ex-Service Hotspots), P. Smith (Railroad Rangers), Phil Talboys (Ex-Service Hotspots).

Due to the Railroad Club now being closed on Thursday lunchtimes, results sheets must be handed in at HQ by Wednesday 2pm.

For anyone unable to meet this deadline, sheets can be left behind the bar at the Ex-Service Club up until Thursday 2pm.