Another open win for in-form Godden

IN a rich vein of form over the past few weeks, John Gooden of Mill Don Baits notiched up another win in last week’s Tuesday open at Southview Skegness.

John drawing peg 5 in the shade, on a very hot day fished pellet waggler at 20 yards to catch small carp to 3lb and maggot down the side for bits to the tune of 52lb 7oz.

Elliott Allsopp from Tamworth, age just 13 (pictured) had his personal best haul in his first open match, with 18lb 3oz on the thod.

Meanwhile, Tony King won the Saturday open with a personal best of 131lb 8oz.

Tony, fishing with his glowing thod and banned pellet, had carp to 5lb.

Later Tony said: “It’s amazing how the thod pulls fish. The record was on for me but I lost a few; next time.”

Results - Tuesday, July 24 - 1, John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 52lb 7oz, peg 5; 2, Graham Clark, Sheffield, 44lb 13oz, peg 4; 3, Graham Warren, Southview, 43lb 12oz, peg 18; 4, Jim Witemore, Wainfleet, 31lb 7oz, peg 13; 5, Terry Moakes, Southview, 23lb 3oz, peg 11; 6, Elliott Allsopp, Tamworth, 18lb 3oz, peg 12; 7, Ivon Cook, Harrisons, 17lb 14oz, peg 8; 9, Paul O’ Carroll Chapel, 16lb 11oz, peg 26; 10, Ian Bellaby, Leicester, 16lb 8oz, peg 9.

Saturday, July 28 - 1, Tony King, Southview/Pure Pellet, 131lb 8oz, peg 18, P.B; 2, John Gooden, Mill Don Baits, 93lb 5oz, peg 4; 3, Terry Moakes, Southview/Pure Pellet, 83lb 5oz, peg 11; 4, Ivon Cook, Harrisons, 79lb, peg 26; 5, Ian Bellaby, Leicester, 75lb 2oz, peg 8; 6, Brian Bagley, Southview/Pure Pellet, 68lb 9oz, peg 15.