Youth join the protest against parish council


The youth of Chapel St Leonards have joined other members of the community in declaring their lack of confidence in the parish council.

Sky Morris, a 17-year-old student at Skegness Academy, attended the parish meeting last week and presented chairman Coun Mel Turton-Leivers with a four-page petition outlining concern there was nothing for the young to do in the village.

Resident Teresa Tansley said she made the request for the petition to be presented earlier than the public session so Sky did not have to witness any outrage from members of the public regarding the 70.1 per cent rise in precept.

That came later in the form of another petition of 400 signatures presented by former parish councillor and resident Sandy Wood.

The petition called for a ‘formal vote of no confidence’ in Chapel Parish Council, following residents being ‘subjected to a substantial increase in the parish precept, due to actions resulting in a compensation claim for the constructive dismissal of the parish clerk’.

New parish clerk Christine Newton had made it very clear at the onset that no parish council business would be discussed or resolutions made, but said she had met with East Lindsey District Council monitoring officer Alex Strickland that day to discuss how to move forward with recommendations of an audit of the parish council.

However, it did not stop calls from the floor for all members of the council, including the chairman, to resign.

There was some good news, however, in the form of possible substantial amounts of Arts Council funding for cultural events in the village – announced by Pete Keeffe, vice-chairman of Chapel Neighbourhood Management Forum,

The Standard asked ELDC what the probable outcome of the petition regarding the rise in precept would be. A spokesman said: “The setting of the council tax precept is a matter for the parish council. The Monitoring Officer continues to work with the clerk in order to improve standards of governance going forward.”

The parish council declined to comment further.