‘Winthorpe issues are in hand’

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EDITOR - We write in response to a letter in last weeks paper from A Froggatt.

Firstly, the lights on the promenade at Winthorpe have been an ongoing problem that we have been working on since last year, however there have been various issues with reconnecting them to the electrical supply.

This has now been rectified and awaits the contractors to return to finish the job.

The police are aware of various burglaries but this is throughout the town, not just Winthorpe.

Our PCSOs do an excellent job and are regularly on foot patrol and engaging with residents. The footpath that leads from Roman Bank to the beach via the golf course has a job order placed on it by Lincolnshire County Council and work will be completed in the autumn.

On the issue of sand clearance, unfortunately various areas of beach are in private ownership and therefore it is the responsibility of the owners to keep it clear, however ‘Coastal Access For All’ continue to do a superb job of clearing where they can.

Recently volunteers cleared the prom in Winthorpe with the help of various volunteers from the Army Cadets, Skegness Grammar School and members of the Winthorpe Youth and Residents Association. But they do depend on volunteers.

It is hoped they may fund netting along the barriers this Winter to reduce the amount of sand that returns to the pathways after the clearance has taken place, but this involves time, money and research.

As for litter picking in Winthorpe, this year we have an ELDC litter picker who spends each day concentrating on this area alone and he does a fantastic job. Yes there is still a problem with the litter, but this is the fault of those who throughout the day do not bin their waste.

The area you have issues with on Old Roman Bank around the Lookout pub is Jacksons Corner, which is part of the Ingoldmells ward, so I have raised these issues with the relevant Councillors whom I am sure will deal with the issues as soon as they can.