Winthorpe coastal access been a ‘bone of contention’ for years

EDITOR - I refer to last week’s letter regarding access to a coastal path by North Shore Golf Club.

This path from Winthorpe promenade to North Shore Road has been a bone of contention between the owners of the Golf Club and almost everyone that has used it for many years.

In fact it was generally thought to be a public right of way until the gates at Granny’s Opening and signs were erected in the 1990’s.

Many people carried on using it and apart from the odd blip, very little attempt was made to stop us.

This was until fairly recently when the gates were locked and sand piled up either side to keep them closed (I believe certain people have removed padlocks and wire from time to time- there is a lot of ill feeling).

The gate at North Shore Road End has been locked and wired across and sand from the beach piled up to stop people getting through.

As we have no idea as to why we are suddenly stopped like this, we can only assume that it is in response to a reasonable request through all the correct channels buy a group of dog walkers asking for it to be opened up.

There is a lot resentment from the general public, particularly since Sea View Walk was opened up. It is now used all the year round by walkers, bikers, buggies and mobility scooters. It all stops at North Shore Road.

If the path was open to al,l it would help relieve congestion on Roman Bank (Both Road and Pavement) which is horrendous during the summer months.

I agree with Mrs Wallage about flying golf balls and regularly find them on the beach, sand dunes, North Shore Road and Roman Bank, but no one seems to be awkward about it.

The majority of us are peace-loving people and do no harm. Perhaps the management will give us their reasons as other golf courses do not seem to have this problem. It is certainly not health and safety.

The opening up of this path would connect Winthorpe with Skegness and no doubt create extra business on the way. It is a lovely walk at any time of the year and seems such a shame that so many people are unable to access it.

For the sake of public relations and benefits for Winthorpe, it would be a wonderful gesture of good will.

Mrs Hazel Brant

Dog Walker