Winthorpe ‘always being neglected’

EDITOR - Can someone please tell me why Winthorpe is always neglected when it comes to basic services such as litter collection, moving sand from the prom and even lighting on the prom?

I have attached a photo taken on Old Roman Bank of litter left by inconsiderate motor-home users.

Some years ago the council in their wisdom decided to make the free car park a pay and display. However they neglected to yellow line Old Roman Bank, resulting in hoards of cars parking for free and the car park empty for the majority of the time.

The parking is dangerous; I am surprised an accident has not happened on the corner that leads towards the Boathouse, Beachcomber and Lookout pubs.

Not only that, but campervans, motor-homes and touring caravans pitch on Old Roman Bank, more often than not leaving rubbish bags, bottles and debris for others to move.

The trees behind the road are used as toilets by these inconsiderate louts, a situation made worse by the council knocking down the public conveniences that used to stand at the entrance to the car park.

The gennel to the beach from Old Roman Bank is in danger of becoming a journey into the land of the triffids, the undergrowth is so large on there you could do with a machete to get through.

Sand has again blocked the prom this year making it difficult for wheelchair users and people with mobility scooters.

The usual rash of dirty nappies, broken bottles and cans litter the beach during the six weeks of the school holidays, athough I did see one litter picker and nearly fainted at the shock.

The lights have been out on the prom for nearly two years. This year there was some activity when they were actually replaced and a local councillor assured me on the Standard’s Facebook page that they would be working for Easter.

He forgot to specifiy which easter he meant as they are still out and it is pitch black on there during the night.

A spate of burglaries and car break-ins have occurred, but of course the lights being out had nothing to do with it, as everyone knows thieves operate in well lit conditions don’t they.

Yet Skegness is clean, the beaches are clean, the walkways are clear, and a really wonderful job is being done. It’s just poor old Winthorpe, the Cinderella sister again, that is forgotten and left to rot.


Skegness Sands