‘Why not bring Primark to Skegness?’

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EDITOR - At St Helena’s Willoughby we have been reviewing Skegness as our school topic.

As pupils we think Skegness could be improved tremendously by adding a Primark store.

Adding a Primark store would mean more people shopping in Skegness, be they local or not.

Firstly, from a survey we have collected information that a lot of the locals from Skegness go elsewhere to shop.

Secondly, tourists coming for a holiday at Skegness don’t want to travel to the nearest place with a decent clothes shop, such as Grimsby, just to go clothes shopping.

Primark would solve these problems as Primark has huge potential in Skegness because of its well-known businesses around the country.

Primark also sells its products at suitable prices, perfect for a quick pop in or an afternoon of shopping.

Plus Primark sells the latest fashion for the whole family. Primark has men’s clothes, ladies’ clothes, boys’ clothes, girls’ clothes, teenagers’ clothes, baby and toddler clothes and accessories.

Several shops worth of clothes in one Primark store - what more could anyone want?

I have thought carefully and have thought of a suitable place for the Primark to be built. This would be on the demolition site next to Lucky Strike. The Primark store could fill the whole space.

In conclusion having the Primark in Skegness won’t only keep locals shopping in the area and bring in more tourists but also bring in big profits, boosting Skegness even more.

I hope you take on my idea. I will be looking forward to hearing your opinion.