Why no referendum over past issue?

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EDITOR - I refer to your front page article last week headed “Overkill” which related to Church Farm Museum, Skegness.

Labour Town Councillor Mark Anderson supported the idea of asking residents to vote by referendum on whether the town council should donate £40,000 towards saving the museum from closure.

What a pity he did not think of seeking residents’ views last year on whether the town council’s precept should be increased by a staggering 22 per cent – a rise which he supported.

Is he being rather hypocritical?

Coun Anderson said the precept this year would have to rise by 17 per cent to meet Church Farm Museum’s request. But the money could easily have been found from the council’s unnecessarily high balances.

Instead the council is likely to waste at least £6,000 on a referendum instead of having the courage to take a decision itself.

I also cannot understand why Cllr Anderson did not call for a referendum when the Council decided to spend in excess of £80,000 on its children’s play area. Wasn’t that expenditure the reason given for the 28% tax rise we had to endure the following year?

Carl Macey

Church Lane,