‘Where does Skegness taxpayers’ money end up?’

EDITOR - I’m very concerned about the amount of money we all pay in council tax and even more concerned about where it goes.

At the September town council meeting I asked our councillors how much of the 76.33% handed over to Lincolnshire County Council is spent in Skegness?

If we give 76.33% to Lincolnshire County Council we have a right to expect that money to be spent here.

We have a right to ask them to account for the money.

When I asked this question of our town council I was ‘accused’ by one of our County Councillors, Mark Smith, of using the meeting as a stage to further my own political ends.

I pointed out that first and foremost I am a resident of Skegness and I pay my rates and I have every right to ask the question.

Millions of pounds are collected in household and business rates and millions of pounds are collected through car parking fees. Imagine the good that our town council could do for Skegness if they had the power and the money.

I truly believe it is time for power to be given back to the people and to the elected town councillors of Skegness.

Now, more than ever, we need to stimulate the economy and take control of the future of our town.

We do not need faceless councillors at the county council, most of whom have never even been to Skegness, making our decisions for us.


Chairman of the Labour Party, Skegness and Wainfleet Branch