‘What do ELDC councillors do for us?’

EDITOR - With reference to ELDC admitting that 60 councillors received £385,000 in payments in the financial year in salaries, allowances and expenses.

It’s ironic that in Skegness people in business in shops and also kiosks on the foreshore are suffering from bad weather and high rents, which are paid to ELDC, only to see rich councillors bleed Skegness dry like vampires.

They cut down on the workforce they say to save money, but only for them to rake in benefits or themselves.

It’s about time someone should tell ELDC’s Manby headquarters to get rid of the fat cats.

Skegness mayor Mark Anderson is doing a good job for Skegness, it’s a shame that East Lindsey can’t do the same except take money for themselves.

The sooner we can go back to being a town council and get rid of ELDC the better it will be.

There’s one big difference between the town council and ELDC - we don’t have a leader in Skegness who says ‘tow the party line, or else’.

Dorotby Avenue,