‘What are UKIP policies?’

EDITOR - I have read with interest the letter in the recent Standard from John Cowpe and the response from Robin Hunter-Clarke.

It is a pity that in his response Robin descended into inflammatory language such as “lies” and “failed parties”. He spelt out what UKIP is against – immigration and Europe – subjects of national interest which will be debated ad nauseum over the next two years in the run-up to the next General Election.

However he does not say what UKIP is for. What are their policies on Education, Policing, Roads and Highways, Finance, and how will they be funded – clearly by a nearly 30% increase in council tax, if the example of Ramsey Council, controlled by UKIP, is anything to go by.

This is a simple option, and one we council tax-payers and income tax-payers cannot avoid as we have no choice but to pay up.

I ask readers to bear this in mind over the next few weeks as they ask themselves: “Who has done, and will do, the best for me as a rate-payer and tax-payer in the local community?”

Michael May

Links Crescent, Skegness