Well done, the Standard, for telling it like it is

EDITOR - May I say well done to Andrew Hirst, and the other reporters, in regards to the report of ‘tacky’ Skegness.

It took the Standard to say what it states, and tells the truth. The Standard always gives very good news reports, and is the only local paper that says how it is.

Well done to the Standard.

I now think of what could be done for Skegness, and I have got one suggestion. We had a shelter near the lifeboat station, East Lindsey District Council took it down so no-one can shelter during showery weather.

Isn’t it about time we built a first aid post, also a place for lost children, plus a shelter on the land that’s been flattened.

But knowing ELDC, they have probably put it up for sale so it will again fall on deaf ears.

If we had this done it would probably be better for Skegness generally, also the advantage of being near the lifeboat station.

Surely ELDC could do it, after all they spent £21m on a leisure centre in Louth which is losing £47,000 a month and that would benefit Skegness on a shelter.


Dorothy Avenue