Well done on launch of diet plan

EDITOR - Well done Slimming World for launching the Let’s Beat Obesity Together Campaign in Skegness.

Weight loss can be achieved if people put their minds to it.

When I was last living in Lincolnshire in 2007 I weighed 30 stones thanks to a very unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise.

Thanks to my own diet and fitness regime, in less than three years I plummeted to just 14 stones.

Anyone who looks up my Facebook page can see my before, during and after pics.

I use and am now sponsored by a gym called fitness first and I run my own distribution business.

And still to this day I have the same diet as when I started my regime.

I didn’t even have to worry about buying new clothes because my other sponsors at Adidas took care of that for me too.

It can be done but it takes strong will power. Good luck.