‘We need more stores in Skeg’

EDITOR – I live in Chapel St Leonards and wonder why can’t we have a big German market in Skegness like other towns.

From the sea front and down the sides to the Boat House I couldn’t believe how many people in Skeg were holidaymakers shopping.

Why can’t Skeg come into the 21st century? With shops, the council said no to the Halifax bank. People travel to Louth, Boston and Grimsby to use this bank, and what do they do while there? Shop. So if they used the bank in Skeg, what would they do? Shop in Skeg.

We need up and coming shops. If we can’t have an Asda food store – why not anAsda Living that sells white goods, clothes etc.

Brithouse - how many customers have to travel to Grimby or Boston every week to pay their bills?

The first thing holidaymakers ask is “where’s Primark?” We say, “we haven’t got one.” and the look on their face speaks volumes.

Why not have shops where people spend a bit of money they have. Journyes to other places cost them more in bus fare, whereas the bus fare could be spent in Skeg.

There’s that log flume at Buttons, surely that space could be put to good use. I’ve never seen anybody ride on it an it’s an eyesore.

We haven’t even got a decent sofa shop, like DFS or SAS to buy or look around. I know there’s the internet, but not everybody uses it.

Why can’t these shops build on top of shops in the Hildreds, over Evans, Wilko’s or even make a two, to three storey shopping centre.

Come on, we don’t want to be left in the Roman times.


South Road

Chapel St Leonards