Visitors also a problem

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EDITOR - I have just read the article in the Standard dated Wednesday, August 29, about ‘travellers’ becoming an increasing problem. May I bring to your notice that it is not just travellers causing a problem, but also the holiday-makers.

If you go up the A52 towards Boston, you have a big lay-by on your left which has caravans and motorhomes staying overnight and some stay for up to four or five days!

They are also staying overnight and for weeks on end, along the road at the back of the Sands caravan park, Lookout and Beachcomber pubs on Old Roman Bank, Skegness.

These are visitors, ‘holiday-makers’, not using touring parks, which we have plenty of!

They are leaving puddles of dirty water which smells awful and rubbish that has been thrown into the bushes. It’s about time something was done about these offenders too! Don’t you think?

My husband and I got talking to a visitor a few days ago in town, she asked why we had three wooden coffins outside the train station. We told her about the lad who decided to cycle over the ‘waves’ that the wooden boxes 

We all agreed that a sign saying, ‘This is not a playground’ should have been erected. Then the council would not be responsible for any injuries in this area.

Mrs I Holland