‘UKIP won’t form a government after the next general election, so think carefully before voting for them’

Editor - In last week’s edition you published a letter from Chris Pain, the local UKIP chairman, who complained at length about the number of immigrants coming to the area and about Britain’s membership of the EU.

Those people who share his concerns about these issues should think very carefully about what the results of voting UKIP will actually be. It should be remembered that UKIP currently do not have a single MP. They will not form a Government after the General Election.

Of the three main parties only the Conservative Party is committed to call a referendum on EU membership, if it wins the next election. In the meantime the party is taking steps to reduce immigration. It has already cut the figures by a third.

Conservative-minded people should consider the fact that by voting UKIP they will harm the Conservatives and help to ensure we have a Labour-led Government next time. A Labour-led Government will not hold a referendum on Europe and, on its past record, may well return to virtually an open door policy on immigration. So UKIP voters would get the exact opposite of what they wished for!

UKIP have control of Ramsey Town Council. They control the modest £160,000 budget for the 2,930 local residents. They gained power in 2011. Since then the Council Tax precept has been increased from £42.56 on Band D to £54.61. That, I think, is the only evidence we have of UKIP in power and is does not exactly boost their tax cutting credentials.

John Cowpe

Chairman, Skegness Conservative Branch,

Queens Road