UKIP is scaremongering

Editor - I am writing in response to Robin Hunter-Clarke’s letter of last week, as I cannot let his uniformed, one-sided ramblings go unchallenged.

If Hunter-Clarke thinks Nigel Farage with all his media appearances and demeanour is not playing the politics ‘game’ then he is much mistaken.

There are significant numbers of Bulgarians and Romanians already in this country so it is debatable as to whether a sudden deluge will be upon us next year.

Just because they are the latest countries to be granted full membership does not mean that they and no others can be discriminated against.

Anyone applying for social housing needs to show a local connection and many housing and benefit applications from EU nationals are rejected.

Moreover, unemployed EU nationals without permanent residency lose their right to remain in the UK as ‘EEA workers’. Yet entitlements to social housing and other benefits are a little understood area, sometimes by the very local authorities that allocate housing.

With regard to British exports outside the Eurozone, they have in fact outstripped those to within it so we have hardly turned our backs on the wider world.

The EU undoubtedly requires reformation and has done so for decades, but there is no need for us to abandon it altogether. An in/out referendum is far too simplistic because of the myriad issues involved.

There are benefits and disadvantages and you cannot cherry pick only the bits you like. No one has taken our national identity away.

It is just scaremongering by a one-trick party who keep banging on about the EU and immigration to deflect attention away from their other policies which seem designed to drag this country back to some mythic ‘golden’ era.

UKIP initially supported a prospective councillor who contended that women with foetuses diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome should be given forced abortions before the outcry made them change their position.

You only have to do a bit of background research on some of the upper echelons of their party such to see that they have espoused some controversial beliefs to say the least.

Hopefully, as Councillor Hunter-Clarke failed to do the decent thing by standing for re-election after he defected to UKIP he will soon be writing his letters as plain old Mister.

Ben Peel

Seacroft Esplanade