‘Typical of councillors not to support hotel’

EDITOR - How typical for the Skegness councillors not to support a big improvement to the seafront, namely an eight storey hotel.

Yet they continuously allow a centre eyesore to remain, that being the four-year-old burnt down amusement arcade in the boasted Grand Parade. The fools they are.

The proposed new hotel would not present the alleged car parking problems because it could be built on stilts, like they are in other towns. Vehicles park underneath.

The narrow-minded councillors say it would not fit in with their future plans for the foreshore. How many years away are their future plans?

They can’t even act when emergency blue light ambulances are continuously held up around Dorothy Avenue on their way to hospital, because of parked motor vehicles.

Maybe some of the councillors will lay in agony inside one of these ambulances, then perhaps they will wake up and resign and let men of action take their place.


Grimsby Road