Two hours parking time ‘more than ample’

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EDITOR – Having just read your article in the Standard I think two hours is more than ample.

Considering that I can shop all around Skegness in less than an hour-and-a-half.

As for people not walking properly the store have electric buggies/trollies that the customers can use.

And also considering that there are two people with the people that can’t walk properly, then that is not as hard.

The parking is bad enough at all the supermarkets in Skeg as people park and go into town.

If the car parks in town were much cheaper than they are now then it would stop this and also stop holidaymakers parking there to.

I know there is a restriction on time but two hours? Too long in my opinion.

There should be a system that if people are eating in Morrisons then they should be given something to show that they had eaten and how long it had taken.

Julie Bates

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