‘Tree light fix would be easy’

EDITOR - I read with interest Paul Collingwood’s letter (Skegness Standard, November 2) and I agree that the traditional Christmas tree in Lumley Square is important.

The council’s excuse for scrapping it because there is no socket to plug it into is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard from the council.

Any electrician could quickly and inexpensively alter the socket sub-structure base at the traffic lights to create an additional socket.

This socket would not just be used for the Christmas tree this year, but could be used every year for the next 50 years or so.

Spread the cost out over 50 years and it works out to just a few pounds per year.

The councillors themselves should be paying for it out of their own pockets anyway, if they balls up the planning in the first place.

There is virtually unanimous support for the tree amongst the residents of the Skegness area, both young and old alike, so come on, councillors, what are you waiting for? Christmas?!


Beresford Avenue