‘Travellers could be made at home’

EDITOR - I am writing after reading last week’s article about the traveller encampment being under fire with residents.

I don’t object to travelling people, the fair people are travellers and there are no objections to using their amusements etc, so why object to people who prefer to travel and who choose Skegness for a while as a location?

Skegness is a great holiday place to spend time and, no matter how long if kept well in order, the residents should be proud their seaside town was chosen.

Some people have a nervous disposition and may feel uncomfortable about travellers, but the ordinary visitor is just the same - a human being - as a man of the road is.

Has anyone thought that a good place to let them dwell is at the top end of Chapel St Leonards. There is so much ground near the boating lake and fishing area. Surely if they were in this setting they would have the beach and use of the shops etc. And they would be well away from the local residents as there are only caravans, which are taken up by different people every week of the season.

Also the travellers could be private and are well in reach of Ingoldmells and Skegness besides Chapel itself.

This patch of land is great and only used by visitors for the fishing and the boats. What harm would it do in this area, unless other things have been planned for the land? There is so much waste but it could be put to good use if rules were set out for how to appreciate the kindness of the owner etc.

I thought itw ould be one ideal place. There may be more but they could have their own space.


Hawthorn Road

Pinxton, Notts.