‘Tired of author’s opinions’

EDITOR - It appears to me, after reading yet another letter from Peter Green (who is he?), who delights in crticising Skegness with his sometimes offensive and ill-informed letters to the extreme annoyance of Skegness residents, that enough is enough.

While I appreciate fully that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I believe that most of us have had enough of his opinions, and that printing so many of his letters is no longer helpful or funny, and the way to stop the criticisms is simply not to print them.

We are all open to constructive comments, but remarks such as ‘turn back’ at the Skegness signs, and criticisms of Skegness people and our wonderful lifeboat men should surely never be taken seriously, and I find it hard to believe that the paper does not have other letters of more interest than meat with maggots!


Park Avenue


Editor’s response - We received a total of three letters last week, and printed them all because space allowed for it. If we have space for a letter, and if that letter isn’t legally or morally questionable, then it will be printed.

‘Banning’ Mr Green’s letters just because people don’t agree with his opinions would fly in the face of free speech, and we will play no part in that.

A reader may feel that a letter author’s opinion is right, or wrong, but that is not for an impartial paper to decide. We merely present what is supplied to us and let the reader decide if an author’s opinion is valid or not.