Time to target footpath parking

EDITOR - Well done to Dick Appleyard for raising the issue of pavement parking.

I live on Scarbrough Avenue and the council have installed bollards at the pavement ends to prevent this practice.

These bollards are as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

They do not discourage these offenders, they simply mount the kerb, cross the ornamental grass verge (causing damage especially when wet) to reach their desired parking spot.

Some offenders use the pavement as their own private take off and landing runway.

Offenders range from private vehicles to tradesman’s vans and taxis (usually sign written); what a good example for their businesses to be seen parked on the pavement.

I would certainly think twice about using their services.

These lazy selfish individuals have no consideration whatsoever for other people/pedestrians who live in the area.

What they don’t seem to realise is that if they should accidentally maim or kill a pedestrian whilst on the pavement their vehicle insurance policy I doubt very much would be very effective (that’s if they have one).

Your newspaper could help highlight this anti-social behaviour by these cretins by inviting your readers to submit photos of offending vehicles, you could then run a rogues gallery of the offending vehicles/businesses!

Perhaps not, it would probably affect their human rights.

The police seem to turn a blind eye to this anti-social practice. I am sure they would tell you, understandably, they have higher priorities than the issue of pavement parking, until somebody gets killed that is.

Or perhaps they don’t want to lose their place in the coffee/doughnut queue?

I am sorry, but it is a practice which is here to stay, so regrettably you Dick Appleyard and I will have to put up and shut up.

What do you the reader think?

JACK SHARPE, Scarbrough Avenue, Skegness