‘Time to stop blame game over economy’

EDITOR - How much longer is Colin Davie going to continue blaming the previous government for all of our economic woes?

He accuses the last Labour administration of reckless spending.

Is Mr Davie suffering from amnesia? Can I just remind him when Cameron/Osborne were in opposition they were committed to copying Labour’s spending into 2010 as late as the autumn of 2008?

On his government watch unemployment is the highest for 17 years, youth unemployment is at record levels and the economy is flat-lining.

NHS waiting times are on the increase, inflation is over five per cent and there has been £65 billion in extra borrowing due to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s economic policy, etc.

If Mr Davie is such an expert on the economy and his pet subject of windfarms then why did the good people of Ingoldmells turf him out of his district council seat on May 5, 2011?


Finisterre Avenue,