Time for us to be given a say on our role in the European Union

Editor - In response to the letter from Ray Beardsley last week; this is exactly the reason I joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Roads are important and we have been let down badly by the Conservative administration on Lincolnshire County Council. It’s time to change the people who are running the County.

Nationally however, the European Union is the most important issue of the day.

The Conservative Party has lied to us time and time again. David Cameron gave us a ‘cast iron guarantee’ of a referendum on the European Union and believe it or not, it was also in the Liberal Democrat manifesto. So where is the referendum?

We have been betrayed by the political class and I for one am sick of public school boys running our country, who treat it as a game. It’s exactly the same story in the Labour Party, may I add.

No one has ever had a say or vote on the issue since 1975 when we were told it was all about free trade. It’s no longer about that, but it is about becoming a United States of Europe, where our national identity is taken away.

If we left the EU, we could still enjoy free trade, not just with Europe but with our Commonwealth and the globe - who we have turned our backs on.

Let us not forget 75 per cent of our laws are now made in Brussels by un-elected Bureaucrats, costing us £55 million a day!

Also, we would have control of our borders again if we left Europe.

Immigration is a good thing, but currently we have an open door policy, allowing anyone from the EU to come and work/live in the UK.

There must be a limit. In January next year, we open the doors to Bulgaria and Romania; meaning anyone from those countries can come to the UK, use our NHS, our schools and claim our benefits from day one.

We have now been told very recently by Cameron, that the referendum will take place in 2017 if we all vote for him in 2015. This is nonsense and another lie to keep power. Cameron also added that; if we do have one, the Conservative Party will be supporting to stay in the EU.

Therefore, the only party which wants to leave the EU and be a rich and prosperous country like we once were, is UKIP.

Hence why I and so many people are joining and supporting in the fight back for the right to govern our own country once again. Join us!

Cllr. Robin Hunter-Clarke

Skegness Town Councillor

Skegness Youth Council Coordinator

Young Independence (UKIP) East Midlands Regional Chairman