Time for petition over school parking

EDITOR – I write to you in relation to last week’s front cover story ‘Selfish parents risking lives’.

I whole-heartily am in full agreement on what was said on the dangers of parents at the Seathorne School parking on the zig-zag safety zone.

I myself have a child who is enrolled at the school and on a daily basis both my wife and I have witnessed cars either parked or dropping off their child/children in this zone.

To compound this problem parents pulling away from the zig-zags have even paid no attention to who or what is in the immediate vicinity of their vehicle as they watch their own child make their way into the school grounds.

This can only in the end result in either a minor or major accident, even possibly resulting in a child’s death.

As at the moment in time the county highways authority cannot see the necessity to take any further action, I feel the next step in securing the extra protection (eg a zebra crossing or lollipop patrol) is, with the support and permission of both Mr Peter Tong and Mr Iain Cameron, that we start a petition.

This will ensure that the CHA sees the real urgency and sense of concern we as parents, teachers and local residents have for the protection of the children at this school.

Carl Macey,

Church Lane, Winthorpe.