‘There appears to be two different points of view over future of Corn Exchange’

EDITOR - After reading the letter in last week’s paper from Linda Croft, Alford Town Clerk, regarding the future of Alford Corn Exchange, may I draw attention to the fact that at no time was it written that Alford Town Council was in any way involved in the project of refurbishment to the Alms Houses in the town.

The comparison was, that if one group could get funding for their project, why couldn’t the Corn Exchange?

Both buildings are of a similar age, and the Corn Exchange would benefit a far greater number of people.

Brought up to a good standard, it could be a great asset to the town and would further enhance our church, windmill and Manor House.

I also note that the amount raised, by the Alford Civic Trust, to refurbish the Almshouses, has risen to £500,000.

It would appear that there are two different points of view regarding the future of the Corn Exchange.

I see, from the Town Clerk’s letter, that a ‘window of opportunity’ for a new group to come up with a new plan, is currently being considered and, in the Alford Town Newsletter (April-June 2013 edition) the councillor, Mrs J Cooper and Mr Jeremy Webb, are to meet with ELDC officers to discuss the handing back of the Corn Exchange.

I will take a keen interest in the outcome.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to print my letter ‘Save the Alford Corn Exchange’. I have had a very positive response from the people of Alford.

Alice Walmsley

Tothby Lane