Thanks to our councillor

EDITOR - May I say thank you to our councillor Phil Leivers.

After my criticism of the traffic outside our village hall on a Saturday morning caused by car drivers who should not really be in charge of a vehicle, due to their being unable to realise that they are committing parking offences, or are just too lazy to park their vehicles in the Well Vale car park, Coun Leivers contacted me over this matter.

After our discussion I found that police cones are now placed on the roadside outside our village hall, and last Saturday on both sides of the road.

Whether or not our councillor has pointed out to the village hall committee that they would have to shoulder some responsibility if there was a serious accident outside the property entrusted to them, I am not sure, but my sincere thanks go to Councillor Leivers.

Long may he remain a councillor as he has been the only member of the council to take an interest in this matter, and the possibility of saving a life.


Warwick Road

Chapel St Leonards