‘Thanks to everyone who helped with our fundraising’

EDITOR – I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to The Standard for its help with our recent campaign.

Thanks also to all those people in and around our town of Skegness who helped Skegness Hospital Watch to raise the £42,000 target to purchase the diagnostic/blood testing equipment for our local hospital.

All the following clubs in the town, the committee’s and their members went the full mile to help us reach the target in just four months.

The clubs involved included the Ex-Service and the RAOB’s, the Liberal Club, The Workingmens, The League of Friends and Lincolnshire Co-operative.

I am personally very grateful for what people have done and all the help they have given me I am proud to line Skegness.

Our aim now is to raise further funds for the maintenance of the equipment we are providing and hope everyone will continue to support us, after all it’s our local hospital, we should try to protect and look after. Collections have started already and are going well so far.


Skegness Hospital Watch