Thank You Skegness, from Chenobyl’s children

EDITOR - On behalf of the Friends of Chenobyl’s Children, Hucknall, I would like to send an open thank you to the people of Skegness when the children visited on June 26.

Many of the children had never seen sea before, never mind swim or paddle in it. They were fascinated and spent hours on the beach collecting shells.

Everyone was so kind and when a child whispers to you at the end of the day. “Thank you, I had a wonderful time’. I thought it would be lovely to share this with you all.

Once again, thank you. The children have now returned home; as they are only allowed to visit for five years. Next year a new group of children will visit, so hopefully we will be able to arrange another visit.

Christine Collins

Community Liason Coordinator

John Lewis, Nottingham (On behalf of the Friends of Chenobyl’s Children - Hucknall)