Some ideas to suit all ages and interests ...

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EDITOR – On reading about the improvement to the Inn situated in the Tower Gardens, there are one or two different things that could be done on the improvements to suit all ages in the interest of holiday-makers and also involving the locals.

With it being an old building, part of it could be restored with the history in tact.

A museum could be in part of the building, where locals could be involved with the donation of relics going back in the history of Skegness, bringing to life the town’s secrets, which of course will get holiday-makers flooding in because of the historic interest, past to present.

There could also be a gift shop of memorabilia of Skeggy on sale. I am sure the locals would be proud to have a little card saying who donated the items on show.

There could also be a cafe alongside, where people could enjoy their meal after a good day at the museum, and also a room with young people’s facilities to amuse them.

To help with the cost, there could be a small fee, also bring back the open air theatre or bands on the existing bandstand.

There’s surely a drama class who put on short plays or musicals, of course depending on the weather.

This would put the park on the map again, as they say.

A few flower gardens, a little aviary with budgies, lovebirds, etc, to brighten the garden, and a small water fountain in the centre.

Just a few ideas to encourage visitors who want something different amid their stay in lovely Skegness.

Also, the new complex would encourage visitors to have a peek at what’s new around the corner.

We have been visitors to Skegness for many years, my children and their children also.

We are pensioners now and have been visitors to the neighbouring Butlins for years, but always come to town, we always visit the lifeboat.

Natureland is great, young or old, and now there are plenty of seats on the front, it is nice to rest the weary legs and not have to go hunting for a seat.

The next step is for the boats to be put back on the waterway.

They were a great success in my younger years. Get the town buzzing with interests again!

We have the Skegness Standard every week, have done for years, because we like to keep up with the news of the people and sites, etc, of Skegness, and the progress of new interests etc.

I love to read my paper when I get it on Thursday morning. We have to order it around here because of not being on the coast.

We first bought one from the Standard office when we went on holiday, but that wasn’t enough for me, so then we ordered it from our local newsagent.

The only time we won’t get one is when there is a strike, so I hope we don’t get any of those.