So tired of SO Fest lynch mob moaners

EDITOR - Through your paper I would like to reach out to all of the people who seem to constantly bash Skegness and the people who promote the town.

Once again we have had another SO Festival, an event that should bring people together, an event that people should be proud of; however, yet again reading several Facebook pages I am saddened to see the usual Skegness lynch mob complaining that there wasn’t much there and that it was a waste of time.

Funnily enough, it seems to be the same people who complain about every event the town hosts, but where are they when local organisations are crying out for help, fresh blood and new ideas?

Are they members of the Skegness Partnership or Skegness Carnival Committee? The answer is no.

They are happy to criticise other people without doing anything themselves. It is far easier to destroy than to create isn’t it? Just think how fantastic Skegness would be if these people invested the same amount of time in getting involved in helping to organise events in the town as they do clicking away at their keyboards spouting negative comments and blame.

I would also like to make a prediction if I may? Very soon we have got the summer switch on, then the Skegness Carnival follows shortly afterwards.

I predict the same people complaining about the same things, blaming’The Council’ for not doing anything and ‘the parade was rubbish, not much to see, the celebrities were not up to much, it was too busy, too etc, etc”. Mark my words!

Then we have got the Christmas late nights. They are always good to have a moan about, but I bet here and now that the same people will be nowhere to be seen, not one of them will have volunteered to help organise or even suggest how things can be made better but they will be there tapping away on their keyboards telling other negative people how bad things are and how badly organised the whole thing has been... and then a new year begins ‘with no celebrations around the clock tower’ and it all starts over again’.

The point I’m trying to make is: if you feel that strongly about the town and are as passionate as the way you write on Facebook, get involved, become a member of an organisation that tries to do something.

Don’t criticise people for having a go, criticise the ones that don’t, and even if it isn’t what you like, well there will be just as many people who do like it.