‘Slaughter is harming animal welfare’

EDITOR - I have learned today that there is to be a Halal slaughter house in Skegness.

This has upset me and made me angry. May I take this opportunity to explain how Halal abattoirs operate.

The animals enter the killing area conscious of other animals being killed. This makes the animals panic.

The animal is then tied up and winched upside down, a prayer is recited and the throat of the animal is cut with a knife whilst it is still alive.

The panic-stricken animal’s blood gushes into its lungs and over its face and eyes. This is a cruel and barbaric practice. As people we have a duty to treat animals with respect and decency. The British people are rightly proud of taking animal welfare to our hearts. Please bring an end to this ritual slaughter of animals. Please help to eradicate this barbaric method of slaughter.