Skegness Standard letter: Save our acient woodlands


Ancient woods are a precious part of Lincolnshire’s history. Full of broadleaved trees and rare wildlife, they’re our last link to the ‘wildwood’ that cloaked our landscape after the last Ice Age.

Yet ancient woodland covers only two per cent of land in the UK today, and therefore needs to be protected. It is under constant threat of destruction. Deforestation erases all the benefits ancient woodland can provide with no hope of restoring the centuries’ worth of development. In short once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So: enough is enough!

The need to inform people about the beautiful, natural heritage on their doorstep is key to protecting it. For Lincolnshire, pockets of ancient woodland are rare, and must be safeguarded for the benefit of wildlife and the county’s natural heritage. For example, bluebells flourish under the shade of native trees at Tattershall Carrs, and Wragby Woods’ extensive history is emphasised by the medieval and monastic sites in the surrounding area.

The Woodland Trust has launched a campaign urging people to send a letter to the Prime Minister setting out 8 simple changes the Government can make, which could put a stop to the damage being done to our woodland, and its irreplaceable habitats. We hope that this campaign will lead to increased protection of ancient woodland, and so your contribution is vital and very much appreciated. Show your support at

Hollie Anderson

Local Media Volunteer – Woodland Trust